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This is a turnkey system. Guide people to your website. You do not have to sell anything. You do not have to inventory product. You do not have to ship product. You do not have to do customer service. Everyone who visits your website becomes either a retail customer, a wholesale customer, or comes into the business as an Independent Distributor like you. No matter what they choose to do, you benefit!

Market Your Business

Get a website like this one from Internet Company. You do not have to register a domain name. They have already done that for you, and for only $4.99 per month they provide you with a website exactly like this one.

Send People to Your Website

If you are lucky enough to know someone in the trucking industry or know someone in a business with a fleet of service vehicles, you can think about retiring, because you have just set yourself up with a very substantial, unstoppable income for life. Get some business cards to give out to friends, acquaintences and other people, and get some labels to stick on the bottles of Xp3 you sell.

Send an Unlimited Number of People to Your Website

You can subscribe to Ace Dialer which will do a telephone broadcast to an amazing number of people over the phone. It costs some money, but the professionally recorded announcement will tell them to go to your website if they are fed up with high gas prices. Even if only one person out of 100 responds, you will still make a ton of profit for very little money.

How it Works

  1. When people go to your website they fill out the form for more information.
  2. That sends them to the next video and also sends you an email (and a text message if you wish).
  3. Call them and answer all their questions. Then offer to send them an email with more information.
  4. Your email tells them to click the secret "Get more information" link on the bottom of your website.

The Compensation Plan

When you buy a Business Package of Xp3 you automatically become a distributor. Each Business Package comes with a different size case of Xp3 product. The $499 Eagle Package is the best deal by far:

Create Unstoppable Income

  1. Join Now by purchasing the $499 Eagle Package that gives you 100 gas tank treatments.
  2. Get a website with the domain name you want, and you can get some business cards printed.
  3. Get your autodialer to broadcast the good news to everyone. Your autodialer does the selling for you.

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