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The Fuel Direct Opportunity

Soon your friends and everyone you know will be saving $10-$15 per tank or more with Fuel Direct Xp3 fuel additive on every fillup. Start now, and everyone will be buying this amazing product from you. Make sure your friends don't buy it from anyone else! Join now and get a case of product and a website like this. Just send everyone to your website. It's that easy! Join now for unstoppable income that lasts forever!

Compare Xp3 to Other Fuel Additives

Xp3 does everything other additives do, and also saves $10 or more per tank of gas! Some clean the carburetor, some clean the injectors, some clean the valves, some clean fuel gauge sensors, and some clean all engine components. Some increase the octane, some dissolve the ethanol, and some dissolve harmful fuel system impurites and deposits. Xp3 does all of that, and also gives you 75 bonus miles per tank:

  • Xp3 Fuel Enhancer $6.99 Retail (Your cost is $.63 cents as a Distributor.)
  • STP Fuel System Cleaner $6.99
  • Prestone Complete Fuel System Cleaner $6.99
  • Starbrite Fuel Stabilizer $6.99
  • Sta-Bill Fuel Stabilizer $7.99
  • Gum Out Fuel System Cleaner $8.99
  • Gum Out All-In-One $9.99
  • 104 Octane Boost $9.99
  • Turbo Octane Boost $9.99
  • Lucas Fuel System Cleaner $9.99
  • Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner $9.99
  • Lucas Octane Booster $10.99
  • Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner $11.99
  • Prolong Engine Treatment $16.99
  • Duralube Engine Treatment $17.99
  • Slick Engine Treatment $18.99
  • Sta-Bill Ethanol Treatment $29.99
Although other additives treat only 10-15 gallons of gas, Xp3 treats 20 gallons of fuel or gas. Unlike others, there is never a danger of using too much Xp3. AND - Xp3 does something no other fuel additive claims to do - it saves money! Xp3 gives you an average of 75 or more bonus miles from every tank!

Xp3 is the Only Additive That Saves Gas

Xp3 is the only product undisputedly proven to dramatically increase gas mileage! Xp3 sells at a retail price of $6.99 per 20 gallon fillup or much less depending on quantity purchased. Fuel Direct Xp3 is only available through Independent Distributor websites like this one. Xp3 is truly the leader. With over $3.2 Billion Dollars in sales per year, you know Xp3 works. Xp3 outsells all other products by far.

Become an Independent Distributor

Buy a case and become a Distributor with your own website! When you make an initial purchase of a $499 case of Xp3 you get enough product for 100 fillups at the start-up Distributor price of $4.99 per treatment. Use them yourself or sell them for $6.99 each. After your initial start-up purchase you can then buy cases and other quantities at your below-wholesale cost of only $.63 cents!

Xp3 Pays You Money

Independent Distributors make commission on all website purchases. When new Distributors sign up on your website like you have done, you make $75 commission. When new Distributors sign up on their websites, you make $50 commission. You then make $30 on all of the new Distributors they sign up, $30 on the next, and $20 on the next through 5 levels. You also make 10% commission on all product sales through 7 levels of Distributor websites! That is unstoppable income that continues forever.

Build a Part-time Fortune

This is a turnkey system that anyone can do. Your website sells it for you. We show you exactly how to guide people to your website. Fuel Direct has a proven and exclusive product, a turnkey system, and one of the highest payouts in the industry. Most Independent Distributors build a fortune working just part-time.

Create Unstoppable Income

What other product is so timely and valuable that it costs them money not to buy from you? Wow! There is no other product that can do it, and we have the exclusive marketing rights for it. Timing is perfect and demand is high. When your website signs up a customer, they are yours forever. Your website has an extremely high earnings potential, and you will create unstoppable income that continues forever.

These are the Facts

How Much Will You Make?

If you simply get your own website, you can let your website do all the work. Choose a name that is easy for you to remember and send people to. Get some business cards with your web address. Send emails to your friends and tell them to go to your website. That will get you started with a pretty good monthly income. Get your website at:

If you know anyone in the trucking industry, you will make a VERY substantial income! Truckers are saving over 19% on fuel. You can either send them to your website where they sign up as a Distributor like you did, or you can set them up on automatic wholesale shipments. The company does all the paperwork and sends the product directly to them.

You can make a VERY substantial income with our automatic dialer service. Even if you aren't lucky enough to know anyone with a fleet of trucks or service vehicles, you can still make a lot of money by subscribing to our very effective auto dialer service. It calls them on the phone, and tells them to go to your website if they are fed up with high fuel and gas prices. Get your autodialer at:

What Do You Have to Do?

You get a text and email inquiry from your website that looks like this:

Subject: New Web Lead!
Date: Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 9:26 AM 

You have received a new lead from your Jaeter Prospecting System!
This lead has also been stored in your backoffice for your convenience.
New lead from:
 Name: John Doe
 Phone: 312-555-1234
 Comments: cant wait to read

You will call them to tell them the following, and also send this email:

Hi John,

If you are interested in purchasing Xp3 for increased performance or to save gas, 
go to and click the "Buy Now" link on the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in making money with Xp3 as a business, go to,
and click the "Get more information" link on the bottom of the page.

Call me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Your Name
Your Phone Number

So you simply make a phone call to people looking for more information, and then forward the email to them with the above message. That is all you have to do to refer people to your website and make money!

Not 100% Sure?

If you have any doubt whatsoever, call this information line now:
Call 24 Hours: (512) 827-0080 code 8801

Or call me from 6am - 8pm Pacific (9am - 11pm Eastern):
Jeff Wenger: (702) 617-3300

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