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See what everyone has to say about Xp3 Gas Additive and the very profitable Fuel Direct business opportunity. Read the quotes, or watch the videos. Not only does Xp3 save gas, it also increases performance, burns cleaner and extends the life of your vehicle.

Fuel Direct XP3 Saves $0.50 to $1.10 Per Gallon Of Gas

"When I started using Xp3 in my 2001 Lexus I noticed it had more pep than it normally has... By the third full tank of gas I went from 19 to 23 miles per gallon. I'm thrilled with the results"

"I went from 12.8 miles per gallon in my Ford pickup to 17.2 miles per gallon with just 6 tanks of gas using Xp3."

"I drove from Miami Beach to Orlando in my '06 Passat with the V6 engine. After using Xp3 I was surprised to have half a tank left after driving the 226.6 miles. By the time I got back to Miami Beach, I had driven over 489 miles before the gas light came on."

"With Xp3 I've been getting about 80 extra miles per tank of gas. I really love the power and performance, but I especially love saving money in every tank of gas."

"Man, after the fifth tank it was like i had a new truck, and my mileage increased by over 16%."

"I drive a 2002 Acura TL, and since I started using the Xp3 I'm getting 70 extra miles per tank of gas, and I like the fact that I'm reducing the engine wear and extending the life of my $40,000 investment, and I don't mind the extra power I'm getting either."

"Well it worked so well in my dad's diesel semis that we decided to try it in my 2003 Chevy SS pickup with the 6 liter V8. Before I was getting at best 13 miles to the gallon, but after Xp3 I'm getting 16 miles to the gallon."

"I drive a 2005 Ford Freestyle with all wheel drive. After using Xp3 my car is running smoother and quieter. I no longer have to put the gas pedal all the way to the floor to climb a steep hill, and I'm thrilled I'm getting that I'm getting 100 to 130 extra miles from a tank of gas, and I'm saving money."

Independent Distributors Are Happy and Excited!

"In two and a half weeks my team has grown to 30 people already. I'm really excited, and they're excited, so we're having fun."

"There are 254 million cars and trucks on the road in the U.S. today, and they all have one thing in common. They all have to stop and fill up with gas."

"When the gas prices rise it's painful. So this is a real timely program. It's going to help a lot of people."

"It's easy. It moves fast. People can understand it."

"Let the program sell itself."

"I am making money and saving money."

"You are helping people start their own business, and everyone needs this product."

"Who doesn't drive a car or go to work in some kind of vehicle? So it's easy."

"Everyone is already talking about fuel prices. Next to the weather, it's probably the number one topic around the watercooler."

"So it's easy to talk about. The media is already paving the way talking about $4 gas prices and maybe $5 prices by next year. So it's real easy to talk about."

"So it's real easy conversation. Ask yourself this question. Who do I know that wants to save between 40 and 90 cents on every gallon of gas?"

"That's really the million dollar question, because if you answer that enough times, here with FuelDirect you're on your way to building a fortune."

Fuel Direct 365 XP3 - How to make money

"Network marketing is people talking to people."

"I think it's great. It's given me the best performance in my car. I've gone from about 24 miles per gallon to 34."

"It's biodegradable. The product is second to none."

"Savings, savings per tank full."

"Because we're making money."

"Make enough to do what I want, and educate other people."

"We have a gift that we have to get into everybody's hands."

"More freedom. Work from home."

"The network marketing business is the only business I've seen where somebody with not a whole lot of money can get in."

"The sky's the limit. I've only been in this about a month, and I've already got 25 people."

"It's pretty easy to sell when you're saving money. When you're helping people save money."

"In my first week or two I enrolled 17 people into this."

"Finding a product that sells itself and being able to work with it is fantastic."

"I told guys to try em. That's pretty easy. Yup."

"Very good results."

"My lifestyle has changed so much I can't sleep anymore. My friends are actually calling me."

"A comfortable retirement. Being able to help others."

"Savings. Savings per tankful."

"It's easy to talk about. That's for sure."

"Andrew Carnegie said, I'd rather have the efforts of 1% of a hundred people than 100% of my own."

"You do not have to go to the office every day. Right? I do what I want, when I want."

"I love the fact that our family has a great profit center, and we're helping cut emmissions up to 60%."

"I'm thrilled about what Xp3 has done for my car, and what it is doing for my business."

"It's easy to get it into the hands of everyone I know. Everyone drives."

"Almost all the truckers in my association now use Xp3. The marketing plan makes it super easy to sign up and sell. I make a profit on the road, and when I'm stopped."

"Extra driving power, extra profit. It's really great."

"This is exciting because not only am I saving money, my engine runs smoother, and I've cut my emmissions over 40%."

"My wife and I love being able to do things that used to be beyond our means."

"The compensation plan is very profitable."

"I love the extra cash."

"The only loser, is the non-user. Everyone should join this green movement."

Mike Schlegel, Founder of Fuel Direct

(Note: The cycle compensation plan has been upgraded to 7 levels of Dynamic Compression since this video was produced.)

"This is a program whose time has come. NatureRich has teamed up with XP Lab, a twenty year old company, and they currently sell over $3.2 billion per year of this fuel additive..."

"People have been saving between $5 and $15 on every tank of gas. So we've got a product that is time tested. We've got an infrastructure in place, and what we're doing is forming a company called FuelDirect..."

"We put together a plan... where you can actually get paid daily."

"So with a one-time fee coming in all backed by product, you get product shipped the same day when you (sign up) online by noon... You get enough product in that kit so that you can treat 36 tanks of gas."

"So even if you never sign anyone up, you're actually going to still save money just with the fuel savings. So you can't hurt anybody. That's really important to us..."

"It takes just two sales to qualify, help them make two sales, and you're going to cycle. You're going to make a $300 check, a $50 gas card, and another case of product."

(Note: You now make a $350 check and another case of product. The gas cards have been discontinued and the cash has increased.)

"So here's really what's happening. You get ($350 cash), and it's paid daily."

"Now the key is, you have no monthly requirement so there are no monthly fees. It's a one-time fee when you join, and that's it."

"Then it's just ($350 cash) paid daily."

"You can cycle multiple times a day. The nice thing about this plan is that it's quick. It helps build a team fast."

"The challenge has been in the industry though, is that cycles don't last. We've solved that."

"With our program we actually have a back end residual program where we grandfather people once they've cycled which pays 10% on five generations of re-orders. So you can actually build a nice residual while you're building a good front end and picking up some quick cash. Today with the way the economy is, people need cash..."

"We have a system, a turn-key system that really can tell this story in a compelling way. So you don't have to sell anything. You can just be like a tour guide and guide them to your website. Let the system do the selling for you."

"The best part is, it's going to send you a text message and an email, one or the other or both, whatever you prefer, so you know when someone is watching your video. You can follow up with them at that time which is a good time because now you know they are in front of the computer. Answer their questions while they are actually thinking about what you are doing."

"So really when you put it all together you've got a company with an 8 year track record of shipping and delivering on time, coupled with a product that is literally second to none. People are saving $5 to $15 on every tank of gas."

"The key is, you just put it in your tank, you take the savings to the bank. The only loser is the non-user."

"Couple that with a system that can tell the story in a very compelling way. So you don't sell anything. You just share it."

"It's got complete tracking, you have daily pay, you can cycle as often as you cycle, one-time fee, no monthly fees, no auto-ships, nothing like that."

"This is really simple. It's really easy, and I believe that when people look at this they're going to say, this is something I can do."

"Welcome to FuelDirect."

- Mike Schlegel, Founder

Randy Teinert, CEO of Fuel Direct

The Xp3 Fuel Additive is a product of FuelDirect which is distributed by NatureRich, Inc. Mike Schlegel is the Founder of NatureRich and FuelDirect. Randy Teinert is the CEO. James Egge and Erik Carlson are Founding Members. Brian Smith is the National Trainer for the network marketing company.

"One of the most exciting things that I have the priviledge of doing is writing lots of checks."

"Why don't you just tell the people simply, it works..."

"We're extremely blessed to have everyone here, and we'll do everything we can to make everything work great for you."

- Randy Teinert, CEO

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