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Fuel Direct Xp3 Videos

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Descriptions of the Above Videos

Xp3 Welcome Video

Welcome Video - Introduction to Xp3 and Fuel Direct

Gas prices are on the rise with no end in sight. The convenience of "paying at the pump" has been replaced with "pain at the pump". Twenty percent of take home pay is now spent on fuel costs.

A well known soft drink company tested this product and averaged over 19% fuel savings. In addition they dramatically reduced engine wear.

The product currently sells over $3,000,000,000 (THREE BILLION DOLLARS) per year. With a 22 year track record, this product simply works.

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Xp3 Product Overview Video

Product Video - Xp3 Overview

With Xp3 you will receive three great benefits all in one easy to use formula. Xp3 will increase your miles per gallon giving you savings in every tank of gas.

It will reduce engine wear by at least 40 percent extending the life of your vehicle and reducing maintenance costs.

Xp3 will reduce your vehicle's harmful toxic emmissions by 40 to 60 percent creating a cleaner environment for everybody to enjoy.

A national beverage company tested Xp3 and realized an $87,000 fuel savings per year, and anticipated life expectancy increased by 25 percent.

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Xp3 Lab Test Comparison Video

Lab Test Video - Xp3 Beats the Competition

Power, speed, ecology, fuel savings: there are a few basic characteristics that engines, boilers and turbines that use diesel and heavy oil should have. Xp3 Lab is the leader in the development of fuel additives. Xp3 extra power is the most advanced technology in existance today.

Xp3 is a combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds.

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Xp3 Business Opportunity Video

Business Video - Xp3 Fuel Direct Business Opportunity

(Note: The cycle compensation plan has been upgraded to 5 levels with expansion up to 7 levels of Dynamic Compression since this video was produced.)

Xp3 is a 22 year old company with sales of $3 Billion Dollars per year to the commercial industry alone. The product is proven and the product works.

Randy Teinert is CEO of NatureRich and FuelDirect. Mike Schlegel is the Founder of NatureRich and FuelDirect. The commission plan pays monthly, weekly and even daily. You can start for $109 or $299 or $499 as a full business representative.

Which one are you? Full-Time Business Representative, Part-Time Business, Product User Only, or Other?

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Xp3 Trailer Video

Trailer Video - Xp3 Fuel Direct Sizzle

The next 90 seconds could change everything. What if you had access to a timely product that solves the issue of rising fuel prices? Who do you know that needs to save money on fuel? Everyone needs to save money on fuel!

What if a simple product could pay you month after month using the same video you are watching right now?

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Xp3 Oilrush Bonus Opportunity Video

Oil Rush Video - Top Representatives Get Big Bonuses

Oil! It's been called "Black Gold" and "Texas Tea". But now you are going to want to call it yours thanks to the Oil Rush Monthly Contest from FuelDirect.

Now you can stake your claim, and strike it rich. If you sell the most kits for the month, Congratulations! You just hit a gusher.

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Xp3 Farmer Video

Farming Video - Farmers Use Xp3 Too

Well it's hard for me to try new products, but then Duane starts telling me how much money I could save, so thought I would try it. I like to to take care of my equipment as best I can. So I thought I would give it a whirl.

The tractor had more power when he got done, and he saved fuel. It didn't take quite as much fuel for the same amount of hours. It helps the engines run longer and cleaner with less breakdowns, and with a little less maintenance on them. I was happy with it, happy enough to buy a bunch and I plan to keep on using it.

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Fuel Hope Video

Fuel Hope Video - One Percent of Proceeds is Donated

Fuel Direct donates one percent of all proceeds to Fuel Hope to empower the cause of freedom for the more than 27 million enslaved women and children around the world.

Slavery is a real problem, and it exists in every nation of the world. 27 million people are enslaved today. Please take a moment to watch this powerful Fuel Hope Video.

Through Fuel Hope, 1% of total Business Volume from NatureRich and Fuel Direct products will benefit international anti-trafficking efforts. You are already changing lives in your world. Now you can change lives around the world. Fuel Hope will connect every sale you make to the work of our partner, Pearl Alliance. Not only that, we'll provide you with tools to share the cause of justice with the people you love. And this is only the beginning of what we can do together. Through our partnership, you can have a lasting impact on exploited women and children. You can Fuel Hope.

NatureRich and Fuel Direct are also offering a Fuel Hope Pin and Wristband that you can purchase to support Fuel Hope and spread the cause to others! To purchase the Fuel Hope Pin and Wristband, please login to your NatureRich Back Office under Order Sales Aids or call Customer Service at (1-800-442-0993) to place an order.

To learn more, visit the following:
Fuel Hope Website Link -
Fuel Hope Blog -

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Xp3 Fuel Additive

Xp3 gas additive product really works to save you gas and give your engine longer life with fewer emmissions. Xp3 has proven to be the best product on the market. These tests compare Xp3 to Bardahl and STP:
Test #1 - Water Dispersion
Test #2 - Water Dispersion in Diesel
Test #3 - Eliminating Gums and Residue
Test #4 - Pollution Reduction
This product works! Xp3 works better than all other products on the market. When you get a case of Xp3 you will get both gas and diesel products. You can use them in your own vehicles, and you can also sell them to others. If you don't have a diesel vehicle, you can use the diesel product in your gas vehicle. (You can use the diesel product in a gas tank. But you cannot use the gas product in diesel vehicles.)

Xp3 from Fuel Direct

Make money providing a product to people where the sky is the limit:
  • Extra Power
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Dispurses the Existing Water in the Fuel
  • Keeps Injectors and Carburetors Clean
  • Greatly Reduces Fumes and Emmissions
  • Has a Detergent and Antioxidant Effect
  • It is an Effective Biocide (Biodegradable)
  • Reduces Corrosion Problems
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Increases the Life of Engines and Machines
Show other people how to make money. It's a product that sells itself. You are helping people save money. It saves people money on every tank of gas. Put the savings in the bank.

Xp3 Has Been Tested

Xp3 is tested against several other well known products on the market for Water Dispersion, Eliminating Gums and Residue, and Pollution Reduction.

"I just love the performance and extra power, and I'm saving money on every tank."

"When I started using Xp3 in my 2001 Lexus I noticed it had more pep than it ever had so it's easier and smoother to accelerate."

"My diesel truck was performing poorly after 30,000 miles. I added Xp3 and noticed a major power difference with the first tank and no more black smoke on acceleration."

"My first tank mileage was the same, but the performance was increased. After that I got better mileage with every tank."

"Before using Xp3 my car would stall out on cooler humid days, but within 3 days of using Xp3 that stopped!"

"This is a win-win business. We are averaging over 18% savings on both of our vehicle's fuel costs, and they're both running way smoother."

"I am getting over 80 extra miles per tank using Xp3."

"By the third tank full I'd gone from 18 to 25 miles per gallon."

"I'm averaging over 400 miles per tank."

"My mileage has increased from 18 to 23 miles per gallon."

"I went from 12.8 miles per gallon in my Ford pickup to 17.2 after 6 tanks of gas."

"My mileage had increased over 16%."

"When I put in Xp3 I went to 49 miles per gallon."

"I drive over 16,000 miles a month. Performance and fuel are fundamental in this business. I'm on my third month, and I'm saving over 15% on fuel."

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